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At Hyalufighter®, we understand the demands of sports on an athlete’s skin – the relentless exposure to external elements, the frequent abrasions, the excessive perspiration, and the sheer wear and tear from rigorous physical activity. We are committed to addressing these challenges head-on, fostering excellence in athletic performance.

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Two Ingredients

The highest quality, zero compromises. We have developed our ointment based on petroleum jelly combined with hyaluronic acid. It offers superior skin protection for various sports including combat sports, running, cycling and many more.


We have a certification from EUROFINS laboratories. Hyalufighter® is distributed in all EU countries.


Apply on critical places and let the effect of high-molecular hyaluronic acid work. Our softening ointment reduces unpleasant superficial skin problems. Primary body parts where Hyalufighter® helps: cheekbones, eyelids, eyebrows, armpit, groins, feet, and nipples.


We deliver your Hyalufighter® across the EU. It does not matter where you are located. We use reputable transportation companies. Our shipping starts at 4 EUR.

Unleash Potential

Hyalufighter® provides the edge athletes need, combatting skin dryness, abrasions, and wear-and-tear, ensuring top performance and swift recovery.

Scientifically Proven

Hyalufighter®, born from Czech scientific research, offers a unique blend of hyaluronic acid and petroleum jelly, making it an athlete’s essential skincare ally.

Beyond Skin Deep

Hyalufighter® goes beyond ordinary skincare, delivering targeted solutions for athletes, enhancing performance, reducing skin problems, and accelerating recovery.

Tested By Athletes

Hyalufighter® was tested by fighters and runners.

Superior Skincare

Hyalufighter® is not just an ointment, but an integral part of an athlete’s toolkit, protecting and caring for their skin during their athletic pursuits.

Extraordinary Skin Protection

Hyalufighter®, the Ointment That Fights As Hard As You Do

Embark on a journey to optimal skin health with Hyalufighter®, the revolutionary ointment meticulously designed for those who push their limits. Born from the genius of leading Czech scientific minds, Hyalufighter® is a harmonious fusion of deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid and protective petroleum jelly. This innovative concoction is your ultimate ally against the demanding elements that athletes face every day.

With each application of Hyalufighter®, you’re not just soothing your skin; you’re enveloping it in a barrier of care that locks in moisture, courtesy of hyaluronic acid, known for its incredible water-retention capabilities. Simultaneously, the rich consistency of petroleum jelly works tirelessly to guard your skin against the harsh realities of extreme environments, from blistering winds to scorching heat.

Whether you’re tackling a rugged trail, cycling through gusty winds, or diving into chlorinated waters, Hyalufighter® offers an unparalleled defense mechanism for your skin.

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Made in the Czech Republic

Not Just Another Layer of Defense

Hyalufighter® is your cornerman in a jar designed to keep your skin as tough and resilient as your spirit:

Cut Prevention: Fortified with hyaluronic acid, Hyalufighter® not only intensely hydrates but also increases your skin’s elasticity, making it less prone to the cuts and tears that are all too common in the sweet science of boxing.

Slippery Guard: The slick shield created by our refined petroleum jelly means punches are more likely to slide off, keeping your face less of a target for those sharp jabs and reducing the risk of skin abrasions.

Enhanced Endurance: With its robust formulation, Hyalufighter® enhances your skin’s natural barrier, allowing you to focus on your footwork and punches without the distraction of skin discomfort.

Tactical Advantage: Apply Hyalufighter® before a match to ensure that your skin remains supple and slick, turning your opponent’s solid hits into glancing blows, a strategic advantage in the ring.

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Embracing a business-to-business model, we supply our premium product exclusively to fitness centres, fight clubs, and sports accessory shops. Our goal is to provide your athletic clientele with a tool that empowers them to focus on their performance, while we handle their skincare needs.

By integrating Hyalufighter® into your product lineup, you offer more than a mere addition to your retail shelf or gym bag – you provide a scientifically-backed solution that significantly enhances the athletic experience.

We take pride in supplying Hyalufighter® across all EU countries. Regardless of your location, we ensure your access to our exceptional product, allowing your customers to benefit from the enhanced performance and recovery it brings.

Ready to transform your athletic journey and push beyond the limits?

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